Academic Acceleration / Gifted Program (SAIL)

Academic Acceleration Guidelines
Acceleration is an intervention that moves students through an educational program at rates faster, or at younger ages, than typical.  It means matching the level, complexity, and pace of the curriculum to the readiness and motivation of the student.  All acceleration requires high academic ability.  The student’s motivation, social-emotional maturity, and interests must be considered when making decisions about acceleration.  The student whose level of achievement and ability significantly surpasses same age group peers as well as the student with high ability but who is not performing well in class are examples of who might be considered for subject-matter or whole-grade acceleration.

The procedures described in the linked packet are not intended to increase the number of requests for acceleration or to initiate a large number of adjustments to the curriculum in most classrooms.  Rather, they are for the exceptional situation in which on-going classroom accommodations for students with advanced ability are not sufficiently differentiated to make school a challenging place for the individual student to learn.  

It should be pointed out that all building principals are familiar with the Board of Education’s policies and regulations on acceleration and expect teachers to differentiate instruction in the classroom based on formal and informal assessments.  Therefore, the expectation is that teachers are familiar with their students’ strengths and needs and successfully accommodate learning differences on an on-going basis in their classrooms.  It is also expected that parents with concerns about academic challenge have worked with both the classroom teacher and building principal before taking the step of completing an acceleration request form.
More details about Board Policies, Forms, Resources and an overview of the process can be found here.

Gifted Overview

SAIL, Affton School District's gifted program, is offered in grades K-8.  Students in SAIL participate in interdisciplinary studies with their intellectual peers.  Students in grades K-5 attend SAIL once per week.  Students in middle school attend SAIL daily as an interdisciplinary class..

Students in high school have access to honors and AP classes. 

Affton School District follows guidelines as determined by the state of Missouri.  Students' academic ability is measured using standardized testing.  Intellectual ability is measured using IQ testing.  Additionally, students' demonstration of gifted characteristics are observed using a standardized observation tool.

If you would like your child referred for testing, please contact:

Gifted Program Coordinator: Laura Hubbard

Grades K-5:  Rachel Eaton & Sandy Kettelkamp

Grades 6-12:  Laura Hubbard

Families interested in the Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students can find out more information here: 

For additional information or questions, please contact the District Gifted Coordinator, Laura Hubbard or 314-351-9679.  
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